Policy Center

The overarching objective of the Vermont Business Roundtable is to deliver credible information that can facilitate a broader public understanding of and appreciation for the interconnectedness between Vermont's policy arenas. Since its creation in 1987, the Roundtable has dedicated itself to the thoughtful, deliberative, and well-documented analyses of significant policy issues affecting all Vermonters. These issues have included education, economic development, environmental quality, health care policy, permit reform, taxation, and telecommunications infrastructure, among others.

During the intervening years, the Roundtable has conducted a large number of studies and produced over 40 different policy reports that are contained within this section. Many of these studies continue to be cited by policy makers due to this quality of research and analysis and non-partisan delivery. Today, the Roundtable stands as the state's preeminent policy think tank.

The Roundtable recognizes that Vermonters have a strong desire to sustain and enhance the key elements of our high quality of life. This includes preserving our natural resources, a strong commitment to providing an adequate social safety net to the economically disadvantaged, and a collective desire to expand economic opportunities so Vermonters can enjoy an improved standard of living.

If Vermont is to maintain its reputation as one of the best places to live, work, and raise a family, we must do more to protect and enhance its economic assets and resources. We must do so with the same vigor and commitment of resources that the state has applied to the protection and enhancement of its environment and natural resources.