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Young Writers Project

( 01/19/2008 8:41 AM )

The vision of the Young Writers Project (YWP) is “To operate a safe, respectful online community where young writers share ideas, comment on each other’s work, learn from mentors and professionals, and connect with the world.”

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Peer To Peer Collaborative

( 01/19/2008 8:37 AM )

The Vermont Business Roundtable assisted with the funding of the Peer to Peer Collaborative from October, 2003 through November, 2005. The Peer to Peer Collaborative assists founder CEOs in identifying, focusing on and addressing the critical issues and strategic direction choices that inevitably arise as a company grows within the $1 million to $15 million in sales range.

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Vermont Institute on Government Effectiveness

( 01/19/2008 8:35 AM )

In 2003 Governor Douglas convened a group of private citizens to conduct an independent review and evaluation of the operational and administrative functions of Vermont state government. The Vermont Institute on Government Effectiveness (the Institute) adopted the mission “To provide independent findings and support to improve government’s effectiveness for the benefit of all Vermonters.”

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Medallion Awards program

( 01/19/2008 8:31 AM )

The Public School Medallion was established by the Vermont Business Roundtable in 1993 to encourage excellence in education in Vermont. It continued through 2005.

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Born to Read

( 01/19/2008 8:28 AM )

On November 30, 1999, the Vermont Business Roundtable publicly announced its Born to Read 2000 initiative. This $500,000 program was the first privately funded, early literacy effort in the nation to reach every newborn in a state.

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Nordic Educational Trust

( 04/07/2011 5:59 PM )

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