Tax & Fiscal Policy Task Force

Chair, Ken Perine
National Bank of Middlebury

Vermont's ability to protect the environment, provide for the economically less fortunate, and provide opportunity for the current and future generations is entirely dependent on the viability and capacity of the businesses that generate tax revenues, directly through their business activities, and, indirectly, through the employment of the state's individual taxpayers. Taxpayers, in turn, provide the necessary financial resources to fund public programs.

The goal of the Roundtable is to provide independent and balanced analyses of the state’s fiscal condition so that lawmakers may have the opportunity to weigh policy alternatives with input from objective stakeholders.  By providing a decision-making framework, the Roundtable hopes to inform the public not just on the means by which to raise revenues, but the implications of those policy changes.


Greg Bourgea, Co-Managing Partner
Gallagher, Flynn & Company, LLP

Cairn Cross, Managing Director
FreshTracks Capital (I and II)

Jim Daily, President
Porter Medical Center, Inc.

John W. Davis, Founder and President
Davis & Hodgdon Associates

Fred Hackett, (Retired)
Hackett Valine & MacDonald, Inc.

Gregg Marston, President
VBT Bicycling Vacations

Win Smith, President
Sugarbush Resort

Steve Voigt, President and CEO(ex-officio)
King Arthur Flour Co.