Economic Development Task Force

Chair, Bill Shouldice, IV
President & CEO
Vermont Teddy Bear Company

Vermont's ability to protect the environment, provide for the economically less fortunate, and provide opportunity for the current and future generations is entirely dependent on the viability and capacity of the businesses that generate tax revenues, directly through their business activities, and, indirectly, through the employment of the state's individual taxpayers. Taxpayers, in turn, provide the necessary financial resources to fund public programs.

The goal of the Roundtable is to provide independent and balanced analyses of the state’s fiscal condition so that lawmakers may have the opportunity to weigh policy alternatives with input from objective stakeholders.  By providing a decision-making framework, the Roundtable hopes to inform the public not just on the means by which to raise revenues, but the implications of those policy changes.


Scott Boardman, President  Hickok & Boardman, Inc.

David Bradbury, President
Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies

Jo Bradley, CEO
Vermont Economic Development Authority

Rich Bundy, President & CEO
UVM Foundation

Ralph Carlton, Chief Financial Officer
King Arthur Flour Co.

Michael Casella, General Manager
Casella Waste Systems, Inc.

Frank Cioffi, President
Cynosure, Inc.

Staige Davis, CEO
Four Seasons Sotheby's International Realty

Mark Foley, Jr., Owner & President
Foley Services, Inc. / MKF Properties

Walter Frame, III, Executive Vice President
Trapp Family Lodge

Richard Galbraith, Vice President for Research
University of Vermont

Dimitri Garder, Executive Vice President
Global-Z International, Inc.

Geoff Glaspie, Plant Manager
Husky Injection Molding, Inc.

Pamela Mackenzie, Government Relations Manager

Andrew Martin, Vice President
Neagley & Chase Construction

Kevin McCarthy, President & CEO
PC Construction Company

Paul Millman, President
Chroma Technology Corp.

Michael Seaver, President, Vermont
People's United Bank

Dan Smith, President
Vermont Technical College

Win Smith, President (ex-officio)
Sugarbush Resort