In the Round: 2016 Executive Leadership Series

In the midst of September’s swift flyby, the Roundtable successfully hosted its 3rd Annual Executive Leadership Series Breakfast, which focused on cause, culture and stand-out leadership. Keynote speaker was best-selling author and consultant, Dr. Jackie Freiberg.

With over 27 years of experience as a corporate culture consultant in the U.S. and around the globe, Dr. Freiberg cited numerous examples, from Southwest Airlines to Tata Motors in Southeast Asia to Vermont’s own National Life Group, where she has served as a culture consultant for the last four years.

“We live and work in a surplus society, with a surplus of companies, all doing business as commodities,” said Dr. Freiberg. “To stand out, we must find ways to de-commoditize what we do and sell.”

She challenged employers to seek opportunity to improve their impact and make their corner of the world better. She also urged them to ask tough questions about what their organizations are up to and why. And finally she urged attendees to lead, “To be and inspire the change you want to affect your business, your community, your Vermont.”

Dr. Freiberg also met with dozens of high school and college students following the breakfast meeting with employers. She talked about how young people can become CEOs of their future and leaders of influence, something she has written about in her book, Be a Person of Impact!

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