Additional Educational Opportunities for Members

This fall’s offerings focus on the importance of leadership and will be presented by various nationally recognized presenters. In addition to the September 30th event with Jackie Freiberg, PhD, author of Cause! A Business Strategy for Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness, the Roundtable will also introduce a new series of educational sessions.

For CEOs who feel isolated and lonely at the top, we offer Mentor Groups that provide a safe arena in which issues can be explored in a confidential forum, with trusted collegial support and professional guidance.  Each Mentor Group is limited to eight members and will meet monthly September 2016 to June 2017. Dr. Rob Simpson, DSW, MPH will serve as group leader. To review the full brochure, visit or contact Sherra Bourget to register ([email protected]). Deadline is August 15th.

Beginning this fall, the Roundtable will present three 3-hour workshops that will provide Regular and Associate members with important lessons around the following topics. The workshops will be team-taught by Dr. Rob Simpson, DSW, MPH and professional colleagues from Linkage, Inc.  Registration and information regarding location will be announced next month.

November 2016
C-Suite Leadership: a discussion of critical leadership skills that must emerge from the C-suite leadership team;

February 2017
Communicating Organizational Purpose with Employee Engagement: addressing the role of CEOs in aligning the mission and purpose of the organization with strategies around putting people first; and,

May 2017
CEOs and Six Governance Competencies:  a discussion of the six critical factors that create real value in an organization by aligning the Board with the CEO on mission and purpose.