CCRTF Update

Work-Based Learning (WBL) within the Career Development Progression is the purview of the Roundtable’s College and Career Readiness Task Force (CCRTF). That progression begins with Career Awareness (ages 5-14+) and extends through Career Exploration (ages 14-18+), Career Preparation (ages 14-18+), and Career Training (ages 16-18+). Accompanying those stages are WBL Standards, established in Act 77: Flexible Pathways Initiative, to promote opportunities for Vermont students to achieve postsecondary readiness through high-quality education experiences that acknowledge individual goals, learning styles, and abilities and, which seek to increase the rates of secondary school completion and postsecondary continuation in Vermont. That’s where employers – You! – come in.

A large number of Roundtable members are already engaged in some kind of activities directly with students, and another handful of you stepped forward at our Summer Membership Meeting to volunteer your efforts in a similar fashion. To all of you, we say Thank you! And we invite still more to join the effort to extend our statewide reach to every school throughout Vermont.

Act 77 and its accompanying standards state very clearly that employers have an important role to play in the full implementation of this new educational paradigm, including the following:

  • Standard #3: WBL Coordinators partner with employers to contribute to the readiness of the future workforce through authentic WBL experiences.
  • Standard #5: WBL experiences are part of a career development progression that includes resources and opportunities for career awareness, exploration, preparation, and training.
  • Standard 7: WBL experiences are compliant with legal, health, and safety regulations.

The CCRTF will be convening a series of training sessions for members beginning later this month to ensure employers are better prepared to host students in mutually beneficial WBL experiences, and for employers to be effective in the classroom as well. And with strategic efforts from New Medallion Award recipient Rachael Potts of Harwood Union High School, we are building out our network of WBL Coordinators statewide. So, please watch your email boxes and be prepared to identify someone from your team to participate. Thank you!