Chair’s Column: Engaging Leaders Early and Often

By Mary Powell, Chair

Will spring ever arrive, THAT seems to be the most significant question on the mind of Vermonters these days and there is a lot of chatter about the link between weather and economic activity.  So here is to looking forward to a sunny April, full of economic activity.

Last week we had a wonderful lunch with Chittenden County legislators and business leaders as Lisa and Sherra completed their statewide roadshow talking about the strategic plan of the Roundtable and how that ties to key issues currently facing the State of Vermont.  I thought it was a good exchange and it reminded me, so poignantly, of the importance of the Roundtable’s work and the importance of leadership, both formal and informal, in this small state of ours.

Without real leadership, from all sectors, we stand little chance of achieving our aspiration for having Vermont be the best place in America to do business, be educated and live life.  That is one of the reasons I feel so strongly about the importance, and value, of our membership companies engaging Associate members within their organizations . It is critical to the Roundtable, and the state’s economic success that we engage leaders in our organizations early and often on this important task of thinking about and contributing to the social and economic fabric of our state.

So, my simple request of each of you is to think about who in your organization might have the time, talent and capability to engage with the Roundtable and help build our future generation of leaders, a stronger state and improve our odds of achieving our goals and aspirations for Vermont.