Chair’s Column: Make Vermont the Best Place

by Mary Powell, Chair

What a breath of fresh air a touch of spring is – it never seems to come a moment too soon. I feel the same way about the news emerging in the broader economy; there is a sense of fresh air and bounce that is back. While our global economy will always carry with it a new sense of fragility due to so many complex interdependencies, the view from my deck is that the bounce is back.  So it feels good to be working with all of you on building our companies, our community and our Vermont economy to be as strong as possible. Vermont is a smaller image of the bigger picture, we have many important interdependencies that can move us forward positively, or conversely, set up conflict and spiral us in a negative direction.

The Vermont Business Roundtable has a long and valued history in Vermont as thought leaders on broad public policy issues and for engaging with our political leadership in a meaningful way, our members have always contributed positively to the vibrancy of this state.

It is because of this heritage that we are now moving in an even more strategic way by engaging in a broader conversation about what specific goals we can work on to move in a way that ensures a vibrant socio-economic future for our state for many years to come and will be the prism through which we will look when we adopt what emerging issues to engage in, and how deeply. The vision of the roundtable is simple “Make Vermont the best place in America to do business, be educated, and live life” – I look forward to engaging deeply with you on how we can all contribute to that happening through our work together.