Chairs Column: Ringing in the New Year

by Steve Voigt, Chair

Just like the Mayan prophecy, if you are reading this it means the world didn’t end going over the cliff.  I did keep this column a little shorter and tended to other 2012 year end matters just in case the cliff was total end.

Turns out the Mayan translation is really about a new era, new beginning.  One can hope.  We’re doing pretty well with two good snow storms, and cold temps. Vermont looks (is) as pretty as a post card.

My thanks go out to many as I hand the Chair to Mary Powell.  The Roundtable offers great exposure to impressive people, the opportunity to work on important issues, and the chance to make a difference.  That is all especially true the more involved one gets with the Roundtable.  Thank you all for the great work done.  I will still be around (maybe more in the back of the room), and I look forward to what we can make 2013 and beyond become.