Cioffi Leads Legislative Study Committee

As Chair of the State Workforce Development Board (SWDB), Roundtable member Frank Cioffi, President of Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation and Cynosure, has been tasked by the Legislature with chairing a study committee, as part of S.135: An Act Relating to Promoting Economic Development, which was passed this spring. Specifically, the Study Committee will:

  • Assess Vermont’s current workforce education, development and training programs and resource allocations;
  • Identify efficiencies and delivery models that more effectively allocate, reallocate, redirect, and deploy these resources to more dynamically serve the needs of Vermonters and Vermont employers; and,
  • Design two or more options, at least one of which is not primarily based upon restructuring State agencies and departments.

Vermont has a total of $60 million+ in workforce training monies distributed through 60 programs spanning several state agencies. The work product is due to the Legislature on or before November 15, 2017.