Colliding Bubbles

by Lisa Ventriss, President

This phrase was first uttered by the Roundtable’s 2016 New Medallion Award recipient, Rachael Potts of Harwood Union High School, when she referred to the happy coincidence that occurs when two separate and self-absorbed entities meet rapidly through shared need, mutual interests, and a willingness to experiment through collaboration. The image of colliding bubbles has stayed with me since our annual meeting and has given me the opportunity to reflect on how we can make more bubbles collide as the Roundtable seeks to advance our vision for Vermont.

Spheres of influence, those bubbles we inhabit through our professional and personal lives, are many and varied.  And rather than burst upon introduction, ideally we’d like them to subtly merge with each other to become greater than the sum of their two parts.  And that would indeed be the case with our business and education communities when we seek to interact meaningfully with students. In working with education providers to create career awareness and career exploration among the student body, and then later, career preparation and pre-employment training, we are gradually assuming a larger role in that spectrum of learning.

For Roundtable members, we will have opportunities for you to leverage your spheres of influence with new collaborators at the middle, secondary, and post-secondary levels – and our College and Career Readiness Task Force will be the facilitator. And, for those of you interested in collaborating with others within your industry, to create a demand-driven talent pipeline management system throughout Vermont, then the VT TPM needs you. I hope that you will commit on some level to helping us as we undertake our work. It won’t look like the Super Colliding Super Conductor, but it will be beautiful. Really beautiful.