Eggs & Policy with Congressman Welch and FCC Chair

IMG_5331For the second time this year the Roundtable hosted Congressman Welch to discuss federal policies affecting Vermont’s business community. The latest visit included FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and the topic was connectivity. Welch is co-Chair of the Rural Broadband Caucus and he teed things up by stating, “We need an FCC vision over the horizon, not just a referee.” And he lauded Wheeler for bringing the requisite energy, industry knowledge, and intentionality to the position.

For his part, Wheeler acknowledged that “how we connect defines who we are”, and that his organization is looking forward to a different network architecture that provides high speed, high capacity, and low latency. The ‘Holy Trinity’, as he described it, of the telecommunications future is spectrum, siting and infrastructure.

Members from the fields of health care, finance, media, and communications, among others, posed questions. At one point Wheeler stated that, “You can’t have a 21st Century learning experience if kids don’t have access to the platform that will impact the rest of their lives.” And on that point we are in complete agreement.

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