Fall Chair’s Column: A Season for Foliage and Health Insurance

by: Chair, Steve Voigt

Whether it is because of the anticipated notice of increase to health insurance premiums, or the media’s coverage of the Kaiser Family Foundation study (yikes, the national rate has reached what many in Vermont have been paying for a while) or the coming installment of Vermont’s single payer this early Fall, I’ve been thinking about health insurance at least as much as the foliage.

ACTION NEEDED: Return your completed health insurance / health care survey that you will be receiving next week.  This is important.  Our organization has adopted not a wait and see attitude, not an obstructionist position, not a blind faith supportive stance, but rather an informed contributor role in the changing face of health care.  The health care task force together with outside researchers, Paul Cillo and Jack Hoffman of Public Assets Institute, will be bringing the typically high level of Roundtable analysis to the new legislative session’s work on health care.  To do this well, we need to get response rates way better than our typical quarterly CEO survey.  We need 100% response to make the strongest case with the best data in the coming conversations.  We will be following up to reach this goal.

Extra Credit: Help those closest to you (including yourself) make a change in health.  Younger Next Year is just one of many sources which address the 70% of health costs arising from lifestyle choices.

Help the Roundtable help Vermont in its changing health care landscape.  Expect the survey in the next week, and please return it filled out, with the help from your benefits folks, probably.  And consider tossing in for good measure a personal goal for a more personal change.  Thank you.