Fond Ballpark Memories

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In our most recent quarterly CEO survey, we asked you: Baseball season is starting and it’s time to think about your favorite team stretching doubles into triple plays and eating some ‘popcahn heeah!’ What’s your fondest baseball memory? Whose autograph do you have? And, how many ballparks have you been to? (Thanks for playing along!)

Here are your responses:

Stan Musial winning an All Star with a home run in extra innings. Stan “the Man” Musial and Ted Williams…..3 ballparks

Most distinct, but probably not fondest, memory was positioning myself to catch a fly ball that somehow evaded my glove and landed on my forehead.

Having Carl Yastrzemski write a handwritten letter to my brother Carl when we were little kids and he had broken his leg.  That….and 2004 ALCS on World Series.  Go Sox!

Watching the Yankees win the 1996 World Series then heading to the hospital to deliver my son.

I have been to Camden Yards, Yankee Stadium and of course, Fenway Park not to mention about a 1000 little league ballparks!

Fondest memories: Monster seat with the kids. Autographs:  Jim Rice, Cal Ripkin, Jim Thome Ballparks: Fenway, Wrigley, Memorial (Baltimore), Yankee, Arlington (Texas)

Watching Yaz run the bases the last time at Fenway with my dad and my brother.

Daughter singing national anthem with group at Fenway. None. One!

Three ballparks-Yankee Stadium; Fenway Park, Seattle

Ball games with dad. maybe 5 ballparks – I still enjoy the minor league teams

Big Red Machine, no autographs, 5 major league ballparks

Not a big fan of the game. But I did hit five ski resorts this year, and two required long flights.

Going to Yankee Stadium as a kid and seeing my first Major League ball game where center fielder Micky Rivers hit a Homerun!  Autographed Ken Griffy Jr Rookie card 5 major ball parks and 3 minor league ones.

I’m not a big fan!

The Red Sox finally winning the World Series.  No autographs. Seven ballparks.

The first baseball game I attended was the Mets vs. ??  At home run ended it after 14 innings, 1-0. I thought “are you kidding me?” but, since then I have come to LOVE it. Ballparks?  Fenway Park–and 4 others!

Its springtime…what holiday are you referring to?

18 ballparks

The Year the Amazing Mets won the World Series. Sammy Sosa, Danny Almonte (Little League world series pitcher who turned out to be a bit older than he should have been). 3 major league parks.

I don’t really follow baseball – no fond memories, no autographs, however I have been to two ball parks, although I left one early and found a bar as it was so hot.  As me about fond memories at the saloon and I can give you an earful.

Going to Yankee Stadium with my Dad and watching Mantle, Berra, etc. Buying a Mantle bat in 1955 which I still own. Been to 5 ballparks.

I hate baseball but there is nothing like going to a Yankees game!

Watching Frank Howard of the old Washington Senators, on “bat day” where each kid got a real Louisville Slugger! Go Mountaineers!

7 ballparks, no autographs

Aaron Boone’s home run off Tim Wakefield in the bottom of the 11th inning of game 7 sends the Yankees to the 2003 world series.  It doesn’t get much better!

Sneaking into Ebbets Field to watch the Dodgers

I’m not a baseball fan…..

never having gone to a game

Seeing a double header at Ebbets Field between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs. I have seen games in seven different ball parks.


The first game: My mom won tickets in a raffle to sit right behind the visiting team dugout at Yankee Stadium.  We got there early to see the Yankees take on the Twins.  Then Twins ace and Cy Young winner Frank Violia stepped out of the dugout.  He rolled a ball to me across the top of the dugout.  I rolled it back.  He rolled it to me.  I rolled it back.  At that moment, my Dad said “he wants you to keep it, and you should ask for his autograph.” He signed it, rolled it back, and I subsequently had it signed by Tom Seaver, and a few former minor leaguers.  The ball still sits in my bedroom at my parents house today.

At Fenway with my sons watching Sox V Yanks. Brooks Robinson’s my best autograph.  Four major league parks and countless high school, babe Ruth and little league fields.

Baseball? It’s March Madness time!  😉

Phillies winning the world series in 80/ callison,mckeon nomar mcclain   5

Was at Yankee Stadium in 1961 and saw Roger Maris hit his 52nd and 53rd homerun on the way to 61.  Mel Allen made the call:

– last game at Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium/ or a strange game when Cleveland pitcher Sam McDowell was put at 2nd base for 1/3 of an inning so somebody else (Dean Chance) could pitch to Frank Howard.
– no autographs
– 15 major league ballparks (though two of them only to tour)

NY Yankees. My deceased Dad shared an apartment with Don Larson of the Yankees the year he pitched the World Series perfect game.

Tie between seeing Bernie Carbo hit a home run in the ninth inning to beat the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway and visiting Tiger Stadium and Old Comiskey Park in one week prior to their demise!

Played for a softball team in the mid-60’s called the Horse Hide Smackers. The name says it all. Most of them were ex-junkies.

Wow – Phillies almost winning the World Series; none; two.

Attended the Cal Ripken “2131” game where he broke the record for consecutive games.  It was 1:00 in the morning when he made his famed lape around Camden Yards.  It was 101 degrees at that exact moment and everyone had chills…..

Best memory is definitely the Sox winning the World Series in 2004.  My Nolan Ryan autograph was always my favorite.  I’ve probably been to seven MLB parks, and a few spring training fields in Florida.

Sox rule!