Infrastructure Working Group Seeks Input

Over the past several years, under the leadership of Howard Pierce, CEO, PKC, the Roundtable has been actively involved in understanding the more practical and nuanced aspects of the state’s complex policy challenges such as ubiquitous telecommunications (cellular and broadband); a Smart Grid system; the state’s comprehensive energy plan; expansion of a natural gas pipeline into Addison County; the merger of GMP/CVPS; the consequences of a shift to renewables; and the challenges and opportunities wrought by Tropical Storm Irene. The goal has been to provide practical business solutions to seemingly confounding policy problems. Along the way the Roundtable has provided formal testimony and information suggestions and comment to numerous audiences. We thank Howard for his dedication to this task and for the opportunity to learn much on our deep dive into these issues.

Now the Roundtable welcomes Don Gilbert, President and CEO, Vermont Gas Systems, as the new chair of this important working group. As a first step, Gilbert wishes to solicit ideas from the membership on issues of particular importance germane to this Working Group. If you are interested in energy, housing, permitting, telecommunications, transportation, or other related infrastructure issues, please consider joining this group. A calendar of meeting dates/times will be announced in February.  In the meantime, just notify [email protected]