Looking for Outliers

In the words of founder, Ross Anderson, the Roundtable’s Nordic Educational Trust is designed to “look for the Outliers, there’s much gold in those hills!” The scholarship was created to provide need-based educational funding to students who want to attend a two-year vocational/technical school.

In the first quarter of 2013 the Roundtable’s Foundation will convene an ad hoc Selection Committee to review applications and determine the recipients of the next round of scholarships. This will be an excellent opportunity for interested members to participate in a meaningful effort that will directly, powerfully, and very positively impact the life of a student. Previous recipients have attended institutions both in-state and out-of-state, enrolled in technical degree programs ranging from diesel mechanics to nursing.

To illustrate the importance of the Nordic scholarship, please read the following email that I received in early December from one of our students.

Ms. Lisa Ventriss,

I finally did it… I have graduated and sat for my nursing boards and passed! I have been employed and working for the Department of Corrections (11/10) and most recently (6/12), have been hired into my dream job. I am a Registered Nurse on the Neurology unit at FAHC. I could not have done this without the very generous help from Ross and Gail Anderson / Nordic Educational Trust / Vermont Business Roundtable. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It has been life changing not only for myself but my children as well. Thank you all for making such a huge difference in the lives/futures of us all. Forever in my heart. I was thinking of you all and wanted to take this moment to again acknowledge this tremendous support of my educational / career endeavor. Thanks for believing in me!

Signed, Rose Loiselle, RN

If you would like to play a role in selecting our next class of scholars, please call the Roundtable office at 865-0410. If you would like to increase our ability to support more students, please make your charitable contribution out to: Nordic Educational Trust, c/o Vermont Business Roundtable, 30 Kimball Avenue, Suite 302, South Burlington, VT 05403. And thank you!