Members Raise Over $100,000 for Nordic Educational Trust

One of the suggestions from members at the beginning of our year-long ramp up to the 25th anniversary was to fundraise for the new scholarship fund that the Roundtable was entrusted with in the prior year. You will remember that, in taking control of the Trust, the Roundtable’s strategy was to grow the endowment and expand eligibility to build the middle-skills workforce of the future. So, we developed a plan, put Board member Tommy Harmon, CEO, Sonnax industries in charge and off we went.

As a first goal, the Roundtable aims to grow the fund to $1 million, thereby increasing the number of scholarships available each year. With individual and corporate solicitations, a contribution from Roundtable, and profits from our 25th anniversary sponsorships and table sales, the tally is official: you helped raise $102,000!

This successful drive brings the NET endowment to $514,500, and sets the stage for a busy scholarship selection process in 2013.

This fundraising campaign is not restricted to members of the Roundtable. Instead, the Roundtable is providing the leadership and setting an example for other businesses to follow, especially if they employ workers in this prime middle-skills stratum. If you would like to suggest companies from your region that might be good prospects for the fundraising team, please let me know.

Thank you, sincerely, to those who rose to the challenge, who believe in what the Roundtable is doing, and who put your money where your mouth is!