New Associate Member Category

Based upon the recommendation from the Governance Committee at its planning retreat this past fall, the Board of Directors voted to create a new membership category; one that it believes will both enrich the Roundtable experience within your company as well as continue our commitment to identifying the business and thought leaders of the future.

Effective January 1st and for members in good standing, we invite you to select a colleague from within your company for Associate Membership and, in doing so, provide him/her with the opportunity to develop meaningful professional relationships and understanding of key policy issues within the environment of Vermont’s preeminent CEO-led civic welfare organization. According to the bylaws,

Such Associate Member shall be permitted to participate in all Roundtable functions and events but shall have no vote in the affairs of the Corporation. Such Associate Member is not intended to be a proxy or attendance substitute for the Regular Member but is intended to accompany the Regular Member at functions or events, to permit the Regular Member to mentor the Associate Member with respect to Roundtable activities. Such Associate Member shall possess the unquestionable integrity, strong leadership qualities, and dedication to the public good which are consistent with the attributes of Regular Members.

Please contact the Roundtable with your questions or to be provided with a nomination form.