Nordic Educational Trust Awards Scholarships

Brian Norway, Nordic Educational Trust Scholarship Recipient
pictured: Brian Norway

The Nordic Educational Trust of the Vermont Business Roundtable recently announced its scholarship recipients for the academic year 2011-12. The Selection Committee, comprised of Rob Adams, Simon Pearce; Sparky Millikin, TruexCullins; Mark Neagley, Neagley & Chase Construction; Tim Taft, Taft Farms; and Lisa Ventriss, reviewed 24 applications from students throughout Vermont before deciding on the following two deserving recipients.

Matthew Bortz (Fairfax) was referred to by his references as “my most valued part-time employee ever” and “one of the very best students and human beings I have had the pleasure to work with, whose sense of honor and integrity is internal and never for show”, Matthew has been accepted at Vermont Technical College to pursue the field of Diesel Engine Technology.

Matthew found his calling by participating in multiple job shadows, in which he spent days at various large equipment repair facilities that support the fields of agriculture, construction, forestry, and fleet transportation/commercial trucking. He hopes to pursue the engineering and innovation of new types of diesel technology.

Matthew stated his goals as follows, “Overall, remaining involved in my community and my state are both definitely important factors that I have put into consideration, and I feel confident that I am pursuing the right education to achieve my career goals.”

Brian Norway (Newport) received the following praise from his after-school employer who said, “I have witnessed the maturing of a focused, industrious and patently honest young man” with a future as an “increasingly industrious part of our community”.  Self-described as a “kid that always worked hard and never really cared for school”, Brian said all of that changed when he started his junior year in high school. As a “hands on learner, I struggled in my normal classes, but at our high school we have a career center and I was always at the top of my classes there. …the heavy equipment maintenance and operation class changed my life.”

Brian is enrolled in the Universal Technical Institute in Massachusetts, beginning this summer, and hopes to move back to Vermont and be near his family after graduation. “I stand out from most people my age because I know what I was meant to do. I love it [rebuilding diesel motors] so much I don’t really consider it to be work.”

Bortz and Norway will receive two years of scholarships for technical education. They join second-year scholarship recipients Rose Loiselle, who addressed members over dinner at The Woodstock Inn, and Whitney Deming, who are studying nursing and dental hygiene, respectively, at Vermont Technical College.

Members interested in serving on the scholarship selection committee in the first quarter of 2012 are encouraged to contact [email protected].