Creative Destruction

by Lisa Ventriss

The term “creative destruction” was coined in 1942 by Austrian-American economist Joseph Schumpeter, who considered economic innovation to be the “essential fact about capitalism”, in which new wealth is created by devaluing existing wealth. That concept is applicable to the Roundtable, as well, in the reconfiguring of our existing processes to increase the efficiency and dynamism of our organization.

The setting was Okemo’s Jackson Gore Lodge, the event was the November board retreat, and the objective was to disrupt our established patterns of activity that were costly in terms of staff time, but which yielded limited results.  The proposal was to: 1) retire the three working groups and replace them with one focused on college and career readiness; and, 2) reconfigure the board meetings with an aim toward increased efficiency, improved member engagement, and more effective impact on our policy agenda. At the end of the day and with the aid of some skillful facilitation by Tim Volk, the board agreed to the new plan, which will be rolled out in greater detail to members at the Annual Meeting.

But first, the working groups will hold their wrap-up sessions prior to the holidays, then with sincere thanks to the chairs and members from economic development, education, and health care, they will officially be retired. The Working Groups’ lists of activities during 2016 has been impressive, and they have served important roles to educate members as well as provide timely input on policy discussions with our strategic partners around Vermont. Thank you for the engagement and leadership you’ve shown on these important issues.