Roundtable Members Help Launch ECBC

On February 1st, the Vermont Early Childhood Business Council (ECBC) was launched with a healthy level of endorsement and engagement by more than 30 members of the Vermont Business Roundtable. The ECBC is a coalition of employers and business leaders “who recognize the importance of high-quality, affordable child care to Vermont’s economic health and prosperity.”

Research shows that child care is good for our businesses. When working parents can’t find child care, they lose talented employees either permanently or temporarily. In fact,

  • 45 percent of parents are absent from work at least once due to child care issues, missing an average of 4.3 days; and,
  • 65 percent of parents’ work schedules are affected by child care challenges an average of 7.5 times.

There are neither financial nor time commitments to participation, however, members are asked to be knowledgeable about the importance of birth to five early care and learning, and to allow the ECBC to publicly use their name in association with their company.

If you are interested in adding your name to the effort, or if you wish for more information, please contact Rebecca Copans, Business Liaison at Let’s Grow Kids ([email protected]).