Sandwich and a Slideshow

By Lisa Ventriss


The Roundtable’s regional membership luncheons this winter took on a different format from previous years; we focused our discussions around what we believe to be Critical Success Factors for Vermont to indeed become “the best place in America to do business, be educated, and live life.” During the course of six luncheons over four months, we’ve hosted more than a third of Vermont’s 180 legislators and an equal number of members and guests, and have eaten some delicious heart-healthy food along the way.

The slide content has been fodder for some extremely good discussion around education, health care, fiscal policy and pension reform; there could be no arguing with the factual information itself. And while our legislative guests may not have always agreed with our perspectives, or we with theirs, the dialogue was always congenial and respectful. Our aim was to shine the light on negative trends, generate agreement on the need to improve economic activity and growth, and keep lawmakers substantively engaged with their important employer constituents. My sincere thanks go to our members that participated.

Sherra and I are very grateful to this season’s regional hosts: Jill Berry Bowen, CEO of Northwestern Medical Center; Stuart Comstock-Gay, President and CEO of Vermont Community Foundation; Don George, CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont; Tommy Harmon, President and CEO of Sonnax Industries; and, Mary Powell, CEO of Green Mountain Power.