See and Be Seen

The first half of 2013 includes a busy calendar of events and activities for members to gather for networking, educational and advocacy work, not the least of which is our 26th Annual Meeting during the afternoon of January 10th. Elsewhere in this newsletter you may find the registration link and details about the agenda. I hope your New Year will start with this event.

During the legislative session, the Roundtable convenes a series of Regional Luncheons, hosted by members and attended by their elected legislators. These informal luncheons are an important means by which we keep in touch with each other about issues within your companies, communities, and region. It is also an opportunity for you as business leaders to directly provide input to your district legislators on statewide issues. Take a look at the posted calendar dates in this newsletter and make plans to attend the luncheon in your region.

Coming up on January 30th is a very special event for those interested in foreign affairs, jointly sponsored by the Roundtable and Vermont Council on World Affairs. Mr. David Rothkopf is the CEO and Editor-at-Large of Foreign Policy magazine; he will be in South Burlington to discuss his latest book, Power, Inc.: The Epic Rivalry Between Big Business and Government and the Reckoning that Lies Ahead. For those who compete in the global marketplace, or who wish to understand the transformational trends happening across emerging global markets and how they might impact your company, this is a must-see event. Registration information is elsewhere in this newsletter.

And it’s never too soon to book your overnight accommodations and tee times at Basin Harbor Club for the Roundtable’s Summer Membership Meeting on Thursday, June 13th.

The message is simple: What you get out of your membership is what you put into it. So sign up and show up! We can’t wait to see you.