President’s Column: The New Year Ahead

by Lisa Ventriss, President

During the holiday season when one has time to pause, one often finds that reflections on the year ending soon give way to aspirations for the one rapidly coming toward us. It’s been no different for me, so I’ve chosen to focus this column on the New Year ahead and the aspirations that I have for the Roundtable. And since I’ve read somewhere that humans can only recall a maximum of seven things, I’ve limited my list to the Top Seven.

7.  That our Roundtable members maximize the opportunities that come their way to directly participate in activities that will enrich their membership experience while strengthening the voice of the Roundtable.

6.  That our Incoming Chair, Mary Powell, be supported by an expanded, energized, and representative Board of Directors that is wholly committed to our mission and vision.

5.  That the Roundtable staff continues to be supported and encouraged in its work by active, responsive, and engaged members.

4.  That when officially launched in 2013, the new VBR Research & Education Foundation, its Board, Director, and Funders enjoy a quick start to their work to ensure a continuum of high quality educational experiences, to prepare children and families to be productive citizens in a global economy.

3.  That Vermont’s Governor, his Cabinet and senior advisors use the Roundtable’s CEO members as knowledgeable and necessary resources in the development of long range strategic planning for the state.

2.  That Vermont’s health care reform efforts be guided as much by fiscal responsibility as by social responsibility, and that the process be transparent and accountable, and ramifications be understood by all Vermonters. And,

1.  That we fully leverage the natural and manmade economic, educational, environmental and social assets that Vermont possesses to recruit and retain the very best human capital possible to grow our businesses, that will in turn support our communities, raise their children, and invest in the future of Vermont for generations to come.

May your New Year and that of your loved ones, be blessed with good health and much happiness!