VBR Research and Education Foundation

Earlier this summer the Roundtable filed Articles of Incorporation for a new public benefit corporation, which is designed to lessen the burdens of government and to promote a variety of charitable and educational activities that enrich the education and welfare of the children of Vermont and their families.  The IRS application for tax exempt status will be submitted in October and is expected to be operational in early 2013. Among other things, the corporation will work to ensure a continuum of high quality educational experiences to prepare children and families to be productive citizens in a global economy (from prenatal to higher education).

The need for the new foundation arose when the Roundtable, a 501c4, began to successfully secure philanthropic funds for our work on pre-K education and, now, evidence-based home visiting programs, as well as fundraising for our Nordic Educational Trust. Funders wishing to support our work are now able to fund us directly, through the charitable foundation, rather than go through a third, unrelated party.

The Foundation board is composed of Steve Voigt, King Arthur Flour; Mary Powell, GMP; Greg Bourgea, Gallagher Flynn; Sr. Janice Ryan, Trinity College (retired); and Jeff Francis, Vermont Superintendents Association.