Vermont Campus Compact

With much talk about tomorrow’s workforce, college graduate exodus and lack of appropriately skilled workers in the pool, wise business leaders partner with institutions of higher learning to help achieve the  best outcomes for Vermont and the world at large through a trained and engaged citizenry.

For those of you unable to attend the Roundtable’s Annual Membership Meeting and are not already acquainted, we’d like to introduce you to the Vermont Campus Compact, a statewide consortium of 18 college and university Presidents set out to work with members to strengthen communities and educate for informed and active citizenship. VCC presidents believe that through sustained and creative student, faculty and institutional engagement with communities, higher education can help prepare tomorrow’s civic and social leaders while strengthening communities and improving lives in Vermont and elsewhere.

A good number of Roundtable members actively participate in the consortium, on its board and through community partnerships. With 85% of community partner agencies reporting improved relationships with higher education as a result of VCC activities, it might be a worthy investment for you to check them out. A good place to start is here: