The Vermont Talent Pipeline Management Project (VT/TPM)

The VT/TPM is, at a high hover, a two-phased approach to rethinking the development and sourcing of Vermont’s future workforce by first creating employer collaboratives that identify and communicate around shared employer needs to education providers, and secondly, then “value mapping” backwards by analyzing talent flows, and implementing performance measures and aligning incentives for education providers.

At the most recent VT/TPM meeting, business representatives from construction, health care, manufacturing, military, ski/hospitality, and technology industries were present to begin identifying their shared “pain points” and indicate their willingness to form collaboratives around solutions. Also at the meeting were leaders from the state’s various regional development corporations that have stepped forward to lead the collaboratives; they will receive training by US Chamber staff. The energy and engagement were very strong as all employer representatives could point to urgent needs, a strong willingness to collaborate, and the capacity to support the collaboratives

Next steps following the training will be to begin building out or expanding the industry- or region-specific collaboratives.