The Vermont Business Roundtable’s issue and policy analyses are conducted by its various working groups, which are headed by a chief executive and include other CEOs as its members. The working groups conduct studies, develop policy recommendations, and design implementation strategies for action.

On major issues, the working groups develop position statements as a basis for member advocacy, for educational and informational purposes, and for use by the general public. Working groups are created and disbanded as issues arise and action is taken. Currently, there is a working group dedicated to Health Care and task forces focusing on Economic Development and Education respectively.

At other times, the Roundtable will commission a particular study by consultants that augment the initial work by its own members. As well, the Roundtable will enter into collaborations with other entities to bring their respective talents, expertise, and resources to bear on the issue.

Healthcare Working Group

Chair: Michael Walsh, President and CEO, Hackett Valine & MacDonald, Inc. The Vermont Business Roundtable’s goal is to promote ways of reducing the rate of increase to health care costs while, at the same time, improving the health and well-being of all Vermonters. The Working Group develops policy recommendations to achieve these dual goals. As…

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Economic Development Task Force

Chair:¬† Mark K. Foley, Jr., Owner and President, Foley Services, Inc. / MKF Properties Vermont’s ability to protect the environment, provide for the economically less fortunate, and provide opportunity for the current and future generations is entirely dependent on the viability and capacity of the businesses that generate tax revenues, directly through their business activities,…

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Education Task Force

Chair: Leslee MacKenzie, Owner & President, Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Realty Download the Education Task Force’s 2016 PreK-16 Policy Brief and Dashboard   MEMBERS  

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