What is the Vermont Business Roundtable?
The Roundtable is a non-profit, non-partisan organization of 120 chief executive officers representing geographic diversity and all major sectors of the Vermont economy. The Roundtable’s mission is to develop solutions to important public policy issues through collaboration, research and analysis, and communication and advocacy in order to make Vermont the best place in America to do business, be educated, and live life.

Why was the Vermont Business Roundtable formed?
The Roundtable was organized to inject the collective experience, skill, and resources of the Vermont business community more directly into the process of planning for Vermont’s future economic and social vitality.

What makes the Vermont Business Roundtable different from other business or policy organizations?
The principal strength of the Roundtable, which sets it apart from other business groups, is the extent of participation of the CEOs of its member organizations.

Is the Vermont Business Roundtable a government organization?
No. The Roundtable is a private, non-profit 501c (4) organization, working on public policy issues. We have, on occasion, collaborated with a public sector agency to assist them in solving a specific problem, but we are not affiliated with, nor funded by, any government agency or official.

Does the Vermont Business Roundtable endorse candidates or sponsor bills?
The Roundtable is a non-partisan entity, therefore we do not involve ourselves in political campaigns. Instead, we apply the collective knowledge, experience, and insight of our members, working in partnership with public sector leaders, to solve complex problems affecting Vermont’s overall economic and social vitality.

How is the Vermont Business Roundtable funded?
The Roundtable is funded solely by the dues paid by its member companies.

Is the Vermont Business Roundtable affiliated with the National Business Roundtable or other state roundtables?
No. The Roundtable is an independent corporate entity, separate from any other roundtable. Although the topics we research or the issues we tackle may be similar to those of the National Business Roundtable and/or other state roundtables, we have no formal affiliation with any of them.

Are there roundtables in every state and are they organized in the same way?
Not every state has a roundtable. Currently, 17 states have some form of “roundtable,” but their methods of operation can vary greatly. While some actively lobby, others work as we do, through collaboration, research and analysis, followed by communication and advocacy.

How does one become a member of the Vermont Business Roundtable?
Membership in the Roundtable is by invitation only. Current members can recommend candidates to the Governance Committee of the Board of Directors, which is responsible for the nomination of new members.

How long do board members serve?
Roundtable Board members are elected for a term of three years. They can be re-elected for one additional three-year term. If a director is initially elected to complete the un-expired term of another director, he or she can still serve two three-year terms of his or her own.

How is the research for the Vermont Business Roundtable’s studies conducted?
Once we have identified the topic or issue, we utilize the knowledge and expertise of our member CEOs and/or loaned executives to frame the nature of the study. When necessary, we also contract with local consultants, economists, and/or academics to assist us in securing the highest quality research possible. When all research is complete, and before our findings are publicly released, the Board of Directors accept the report and endorse its recommendations.

What are the criteria that the Vermont Business Roundtable uses to determine the issues it will focus on?
The specific areas of focus are determined annually by the Board of Directors at an annual planning retreat.

Does the Vermont Business Roundtable have functions the public can attend?
Most of the Roundtable’s meetings are for members only, and not open to the general public. However, when we have information that will be valuable to either businesses or to the general public, we host an event and share that information.

How often does the Vermont Business Roundtable meet?
The full Roundtable membership meets two to four times each year. The Board of Directors meets quarterly. Working groups or ad hoc committees meet as needed, depending upon the studies being conducted or the issues being dealt with.