About VBR

Created in 1987 as a nonprofit, public interest organization, the Vermont Business Roundtable’s membership is comprised of more than 100 CEOs of Vermont’s most active and committed businesses and employers. During the 35 years since its inception, the Roundtable has dedicated itself to thoughtful, deliberative, and well-documented analyses of significant public policy issues affecting all Vermonters, ranging from education, economic health, environmental quality, health care policy, and technology.

From our first report in 1988 entitled, “Population and Employment Forecast” to the 2006 report entitled, “Having the Courage to Change,” the Roundtable has engaged in research and analysis, collaboration, and communication and advocacy to bring a uniquely balanced, non-partisan, and long-range perspective to policy-making in Vermont.

The Vermont Business Roundtable has also played a leadership role in the development and launch of significant projects that have enhanced the economic vitality and social fabric of Vermont. Chief among them have been the Medallion School Awards program, the Born to Read Initiative, the Peer to Peer Collaborative, and the Young Writers Project.

The success of this organization is attributed to the personal involvement of the principal officers of our member businesses. Their essential leadership on key public policy issues has been the foundation of our ability to make a difference.

Board of Directors

Board members are elected for a term of three years, while officers serve two year terms. The Board of Directors meets quarterly and the full Roundtable membership meets two to four times a year.

Working Groups

The Roundtable’s issue and policy analyses are conducted by its various working groups, which are headed by a chief executive and include other CEO’s as its members. The groups meet as needed, depending upon the study being conducted or the issues being dealt with.

Standing Committees

The standing committees of the Board of Directors are the Executive, Governance, and Audit committees. The Executive Committee has all of the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors of the organization. The Governance Committee is responsible for reviewing the Roundtable’s by-laws and recommending changes thereto. The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the independent auditor’s report, as well as making recommendations to the Board of Directors following such review.

Vermont Business Roundtable’s most recent 990 Report may be downloaded HERE.