It’s Time for the 4-Year Term

by Lisa Ventriss, President


In 1992 the Roundtable issued its policy statement on the merits of a 4-year term for governor as a means of managing our fiscal house. At that time, there were three states with 2-year terms (Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island), but in the intervening years Rhode Island has seen the light. The last time Vermont amended its Constitution regarding election cycles was 1870, when we decided to increase terms from one year to two. It’s time that Vermont joins the other 48 states.

We all know about the non-stop campaigning, which creates voter apathy; the inability to sync with actual economic cycles; and the difficulty in finding executive talent willing to accept government appointments. A four-year term would address these challenges and move Vermont toward a modernized and more efficient government.

In this legislative session, the Roundtable is working to build collaborations with other large business and industry groups to champion legislative proposals for a four-year term. When you have the opportunity to talk with your legislator, please be sure to ask for their support.

Click Here to View the 1992 Policy Statement