Miss Manners, Not

For a brief moment I thought I was listening to BBC’s coverage of Parliament. The rowdiness of the House gallery, climaxing with Joe Wilson’s total loss of decorum, made me think of the days when Tony Blair took his thumps for being too close to the U.S. The only difference in this case was that politicians then turned their displeasure on Wilson. Blair had no such support.


I used to think that James and Shana of “Point Counterpoint” fame in the 1970’s were too obnoxious and did nothing to bridge understanding, but only served to widen the ideological schism. So, 30 years later, I have to wonder ~ is this abhorrent behavior of Wilson, and the religious hate mongers most recently in Vermont, and the rude health care reform protesters in other states ~ our own little Frankenstein? Did we build this monster from bits and pieces of failed political leadership, poor policies, and a ratings-hungry media? Or are these simply political and social after shocks of the greatest economic recession of all time? Who knows? All I know is that this conflict-averse Libra thinks there’s a better way.


Let us work to keep Vermont’s motto of “Freedom and Unity” a mantra for public civility as well.