Roundtable Supports Economic Development Planning [7.01.14]

Roundtable Supports Economic Development Planning

Education is the Foundation


(South Burlington, Vt.) The recent escalation in discussions at the statewide and national levels as to whether IBM will close or sell its facility in Essex Junction have created an opportunity for Vermont to strategically plan for the future at this important facility, regardless of ownership.

The Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation (GBIC) released a proposed Action Plan to encourage IBM or future tenants to continue to utilize the facilities and the talented workforce.  The Vermont Business Roundtable acknowledges the significant positive impact that IBM and this campus has on the economic vitality of the entire state of Vermont and supports the purposes of the proposed Action Plan; to retain the jobs that exist today while working to attract new future economic activity to this location.

In addition, the Vermont Business Roundtable encourages the creation of an economic development vision for the state that has as its foundation a world class PreK-12 education system that prepares all Vermont’s students to be successful in both career- and college-bound tracks.

The Vermont Business Roundtable (Roundtable) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of chief executive officers of Vermont’s leading private and nonprofit employers, representing geographic diversity and all major sectors of the Vermont economy. The Roundtable is committed to sustaining a sound economy and preserving Vermont’s unique quality of life by studying and making recommendations on statewide public policy issues.