2009 Vision Award Presented to Fred Hackett

2009 Vision Award presented to Fred Hackett
2009 Vision Award presented to Fred Hackett

In creating the Vision Award, the Roundtable Board of Directors wished to make a statement by honoring the lifetime contributions of a leader who shares a commitment to the ideals that are embedded in the Roundtable’s vision statement “to make Vermont the best place in America to do business, be educated and live life.” In 2007 the Roundtable presented the award for the first time to Mr. David Coates, retired Managing Partner of KPMG.

The Vision Award celebrates the long view; the contributions of an individual over a lifetime that have benefited the people of Vermont. In this year, the Roundtable recognizes Fred Hackett, a humble man of unique moral character, significant accomplishment, and universal respect.

If you asked Fred to describe himself, he would say that he is simply a sixth-generation Vermonter, who happened to have had the opportunity to work with a lot of other folks to make Vermont better. Fred is known by many of his friends as one who would rather work than relax.  His interpretation of “work” is that it’s not work at all, but fundamentally an activity that allows him to engage with other people for the achievement of common goals to improve upon what already exists.

Fred’s life has been highlighted by service: to country and community, in business, politics, higher education, and the non-profit sector. Within the Roundtable, Fred served on the first steering committee to create a board of directors. He has led the development of numerous initiatives aimed at setting the public agenda on investments in higher education, the creation of infrastructure to support technology transfer, and new job creation. He has been an advisor to governors, and a statesman who works quietly behind the scenes to “achieve a common goal”. And, Fred has been lauded for his leadership on economic development and community service at the local, state, and national levels.

So it was with great pride that, at its Summer Celebration dinner in June, the Roundtable bestowed its Vision Award on Fred Hackett, Chairman and CEO (retired) of Hackett Valine and MacDonald.