Peer To Peer Collaborative

The Vermont Business Roundtable assisted with the funding of the Peer to Peer Collaborative from October, 2003 through November, 2005. The Peer to Peer Collaborative assists founder CEOs in identifying, focusing on and addressing the critical issues and strategic direction choices that inevitably arise as a company grows within the $1 million to $15 million in sales range. They understand transition points and the changing needs and complexities business owners face as they grow the sales and employee base of their companies.

They gain access to a team of experienced Peer Advisors who work directly with a company over a nine to twelve month time period to identify and solve complex problems, create strategic plans for the future of a business, and help them prepare for growth and change that will accompany the next stage of their company’s development.

Peer Advisors are successful CEOs, CFOs and COOs and have first hand experience with the developmental hurdles all businesses face at certain junctures. Monthly half-day work sessions are tailored to meet each business’s unique needs and are conducted in a supportive, peer learning environment.

Peer to Peer’s mission is to help entrepreneurs who want to learn how to be an even more effective CEO so that they and their employees can enjoy an even greater quality of life.

Peer to Peer is currently operating as part of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund