Facing Insurmountable Opportunities

This was the challenge as described by Justice John Dooley when he spoke to the membership about the ways in which the Judiciary branch of government is attempting to reduce its spending. Faced with significant cutbacks, and with the low-hanging fruit long gone, they are now closing courthouses, furloughing employees, and reducing work weeks. But, as happens in economic downturns, caseloads are on the increase, which only exacerbates the dilemma.

So the optimist looks for opportunity amid the turmoil. Where are the Mothers of Invention? Where is the genius who will turn chaos into order by changing the paradigm from old to new systems thinking? There are ways in which Vermont can turn itself around, if we only leverage the bold decision-making and strategic visioning that are the hallmarks of the private sector, and apply them to government reorganization itself.