New Report Highlights Economic Impact of Immigrants in Vermont

South Burlington, VT — Today Vermont Business Roundtable leaders marked the National Day of Action with release of a report that showcases new research on immigration contributions in Vermont, and highlights the critical need for immigration reform. The event marked the launch of the Reason for Reform campaign, an effort taking place in all 50 states today, sponsored by the Partnership for a New American Economy (NAE).

The Reason for Reform campaign brings together state business, civic, and cultural leaders to urge Congress to take action on immigration reform. Today’s Day of Action event coincides with the release of a new research, including data on the foreign-born population in Vermont, their tax contributions, their spending power, and their role in Vermont’s key industries as leaders and job creators.

“I strongly believe that immigration reform is part of the solution to increase our workforce to support needed economic growth, and the Roundtable is committed to supporting broader legal immigration,” said Michael Seaver, Vermont President of People’s United Bank and Roundtable Vice-Chair.

The Contributions of New Americans in Vermont shows that immigrants make up nearly four percent of the state’s population and contributed $192.3 million in taxes, or 3.8 percent of the total share in 2014. That same year, immigrants earned $654.7 million, or roughly four percent of all earnings in the state.

Immigrants in Vermont contribute to key industries such as restaurants and food services, healthcare, and crop production. They make up just over three percent of all entrepreneurs in the state, and play a large role in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, a major component of U.S. economic growth. These and other key statistics on immigrants in Vermont can be found in the NAE report here.

“I believe immigration reform is an important part of the overall strategy to grow Vermont’s population to support all sectors of our economy in all regions of the state” said Mark Foley, CEO of Foley Services, Roundtable board member and Chair of the Economic Development Working Group.

The Reason for Reform campaign is launching in all 50 states today to urge Congress to take action on immigration reform. More information can be found at



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