VT Institute on Government Effectiveness

In 2003 Governor Douglas convened a group of private citizens to conduct an independent review and evaluation of the operational and administrative functions of Vermont state government. The Vermont Institute on Government Effectiveness (the Institute) adopted the mission “To provide independent findings and support to improve government’s effectiveness for the benefit of all Vermonters.” It was governed by a Board of Directors and formed as a private 501 (c) 3 public benefit corporation and garnered private financial support from over three dozen diverse contributors.

In 2005 the Institute delivered its report to the Governor. With nearly 9,800 full time and temporary employees, more than 62 principal business units and annual expenditures of over $3.6 billion, the organizational enterprise of Vermont state government is massive in scope, complexity and importance. The Institute’s review concentrated on certain Executive Branch areas that constitute 94% of the state’s total employees in FY2005 and the bulk of annual expenditures.

The report is available for download by Clicking Here.